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Not the Way to Handle Your Divorce

An Orange County Divorce can be a difficult, emotionally stressful, experience. A recent case from New York, however, can be seen as a cautionary tale: listen to sound advice from your attorneys, don’t let the pressure get to you and, above all, if you feel as though you are about to crack – get some help.

The case I am referring to concerns Anthony Chiofalo who, according to the New York Law Journal, has been involved in a contentious divorce proceeding since 2005. The Journal reports that he first crossed a line when he violated a protection order a court had issued to keep him away from his estranged wife and children. Then, having moved here to California, he began sending obscenity-laced messages not only to his wife but to “her lawyer, his sons’ law guardian and the law clerk assigned to his divorce case.”

Chiofalo – himself an attorney – did all this against the explicit advice of his own lawyers and has now had his law license suspended for two years (a penalty that was, in fact, harsher than the censure prosecutors requested, according to the Journal).

It is undeniable that the collapse of Chiofalo’s world must have been an intense and stressful experience. Divorce lawyers, however, are there to offer sound, measured advice – even when clients are attorneys themselves (Chiofalo specializes in corporate, not family, law). Even if you feel, as Chiofalo apparently did, that your case involves issues of parental alienation and an ex who is not acting in good faith, there is much to be gained by listening carefully to the advice an experienced Orange County, Los Angeles or other Southern California family law attorney has to offer.

Violating a court’s order is never a good idea. Nor is confronting an ex in ways that only provides him or her with evidence to use against you as an Orange County divorce proceeding makes its way through the courts. The advice of an experienced Orange County family law attorney can be the key to obtaining justice while retaining control over the most important aspects of your personal life.

New York Law Journal: Lawyer facing divorce gets suspended for sending ‘Hostile’ messages

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