Orange County Custody Battle for Jesse James

The continuing soap opera of Reality TV star Jesse James and his porn-star ex-wife, Janine Lindemulder was back, once again, in an Orange County family court last week as the couple disputed custody of their six-year-old daughter. As the celebrity news website Radar Online succinctly put it, “Although both parents love Sunny, they do not trust one another.”

As I have noted in several previous posts – see here, here and here – over the last eight months, this Orange County child custody battle has been wrenching and bitter, as well as unusually public. Even as James spent the spring and early summer going through a divorce from Sandra Bullock, he has continued to battle Lindemulder for custody of the couple’s daughter – a process that has involved the public trading of some very ugly accusations on both sides.

In the latest round of the ongoing Orange County custody action, Radar Online reports that a court-appointed lawyer told an Orange County Family Law Court that James is a good father. James has had custody of the girl throughout the battle, but the lawyer was assigned to investigate his parenting skills as part of the court case. The lawyer said James was not a perfect parent, and recommended that he attend parenting classes, but also told the court that he should, for now, keep custody of his daughter.

As I have noted in the past, the high decibel celebrity gossip around this case can obscure a deeper truth: that the James-Bullock-Lindemulder battle is not as far removed as it might seem from the sort of break-ups and custody disputes faced by residents of Orange County every day, far from the eyes of paparazzi and celebrity journalists.

Regardless of whether your case is high-profile or not, the very bitterness often engendered by custody battles is the best reason why anyone involved in such a legal action should seek the assistance of an experienced Orange County child custody attorney. With a deep knowledge of California family law, a Costa Mesa custody lawyer can be your most important ally in reaching an Orange County custody agreement that is fair, acknowledges your parental rights and allows you to maintain a major role of your child’s life.

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