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Orange County Custody Denied Over Alcohol Charges

From another Orange County (the one in Florida) comes a child custody case that is nothing short of shocking. Citing local sheriff’s deputies, television station WFTV reports that an Orange County father was stripped of his custody rights after “his 18-month-old son… was found drinking from beer bottles alone in the front yard.”

The television station reports that the child has been placed in foster care. It says the father – who was reportedly found passed-out drunk inside the family residence at the time of his arrest – told police and child welfare officials that the toddler’s mother is hospitalized for mental illness and that “he has no other nearby relatives to care for the child.”

Obviously this is an extreme case. It does, however, highlight one of the many crucial roles an Orange County family law attorney can play for clients here in California. Children in situations like this tend to be moved into foster care as an emergency measure. Relatives wishing to get them out, claim Los Angeles or Orange County child custody and provide a safe and loving home will generally need careful, detail-oriented legal assistance to find their way through the sometimes intimidating world of the California family courts.

Similarly, an Orange County custody and visitation lawyer can help you defend yourself and your family in situations where you believe the state has over-reached, or when relatives find themselves at odds over where a child’s best interests lie. The important thing is to find a compassionate legal professional with whom you feel comfortable.

WFTV.com: Dad denied custody after boy allegedly found drinking beer

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