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Orange County Custody Ruling Favors Ohio Father

An Orange County mother is preparing to send her adopted two-year-old back to Ohio, where the girl was born, after losing the first round of a child custody battle with the child’s birth father. According to television station KABC, Stacey Doss learned late last week that an Orange County family law court is ordering her to return the child, named Vanessa, to Ohio pending a resolution of the California child custody dispute. As the case moves forward Ohio courts will take over jurisdiction, the station reports.

The custody battle began after the baby was born. Vanessa’s birth mother was matched with Doss by an adoption agency based in California. According to the station, the baby came to live with Doss in Orange County shortly after her birth. The adoption, however, was never finalized and it later emerged that the birth mother had lied when she claimed not to know who the baby’s father was.

Orange County fathers facing similar situations know well that protecting their rights can be a constant struggle within the legal system. A father’s rights, however, should not be subordinate to a mother’s – and they do not end just because one parent lies to an adoption agency about the other.

The situation surrounding Baby Vanessa is sad and troubling and presents the courts with a number of difficult decisions. Courts are charged with ruling in the best interests of the child, but also have a responsibility to protect the rights of biological parents who have been unjustly denied access to their children. The best chance of obtaining the justice you deserve in an Orange County family law dispute is by enlisting the help of an experienced Orange County child custody lawyer who can fight for your right to have a deep and substantive relationship with your children.

In the case of Baby Vanessa, the child’s father says he is looking forward to spending more time with his daughter. It is unfortunate that he has had to resort to the legal system to build and preserve a relationship with his daughter, but with good legal representation this father hopes to protect his rights.

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