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Orange County Divorce and the Potential Effects of Health Care Reform

It is not an aspect of health care reform one heard debated endlessly on cable news or in the blogosphere, but some experts believe the legislation recently signed into law by President Barack Obama will make it easier for some couples to get divorced. This unexpected development is a reminder of the important role an Orange County divorce attorney can play in guiding you through a complex and confusing system, one many are forced to navigate at a vulnerable time in life.

A recent article at The Huffington Post told the story of a couple who, though separated for years, have avoided getting a California divorce for insurance reasons. The pair split up in 2004, but have remained legally married because the wife has health issues that would make her uninsurable in the private market. By keeping the marriage alive, at least on paper, she has been able to remain on her ‘husband’s’ insurance, though the situation has denied her the opportunity to move on with her life.

She, and others like her, may be able to benefit from an interim high risk insurance pool that the legislation requires the federal Department of Health and Human Services to set up within three months, according to Huffington Post. The key word there is ‘may’. Like many aspects of the sweeping bills signed into law late last month it remains unclear how the federal interim high risk pool may work in practice (it is intended as a stopgap measure until state high risk pools are fully up and running). If the pool does not work out for the California couple cited by the article they might have to remain nominally together until 2014, when the legislation’s ban on denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions comes into full effect.

Every case, of course is unique (in recent months other media reports have touched on couples who were forced into divorce because of medical bills). More than anything else this story is a reminder of the complexities of California divorce law, and the importance of having an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer on your side to help guide you through what can sometimes seem like a legal maze. In addition to standing up for you during Orange County divorce settlement and child custody negotiations your Southern California divorce attorney can offer valuable advice regarding the effect your divorce will have on financial and other personal affairs.

Huffington Post: Will health care reform finally let us get that divorce?

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