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Orange County Divorce: Billy Ray Cyrus Drops Divorce

Singer and actor, Billy Ray Cyrus, has decided to call off his divorce to his wife, Tish. Cyrus reporting that he wants his family to stay together because his family now feels closer than ever. It was back in October of 2010 that Cyrus had filed for divorce from Tish after 17 years of marriage and three children.

Its always a good sign for couples who manage to work out their marital problems and decide to reconcile. It is expecially important if their are minor children involved as children need both their parents in their lives. Luckily for Cyrus, by dismissing his divorce action, he does not have to deal with any issues such as child support, child custody, visitation, spousal support and property division (at the moment). However, in the event Cyrus decides to move forward with his divorce in the future, these issues will have to be addressed and resolved.

Additionally, another issue to watch out for involving couples who separate, reconcile and then decide to separate again is the date of separation. Once you decide that you want to reconcile, this inevitably causes the date of separation to change.

These are just some issues to watch out for involving any Los Angeles County or Orange County divorce action. Contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

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