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Orange County Divorce: Effect of Death upon Divorce

In an earlier post, I blogged about Taylor Armstrong’s filing of divorce from her husband, Russell Armstrong. I also discussed allegations of potential spousal abuse which purportedly took place during the marriage. Now, sadly, news have reported that Russell committed suicide earlier this week. In addition to his ongoing divorce, Russell was apparently in a lot of financial stress and was being sued for $1.5 million.

I have handled a handful of cases where the other party in a dissolution of marriage matter has passed away. How does the court deal with a death of a party? Simple. There is nothing left to do if the other party is dead and a Notice of Death is filed with the court. Sometimes, a probate lawyer may have to step into the shoes of the deceased if there are significant family law issues left to be dealt with.

In the case at hand, Taylor and Russell have a 5 year old daughter, Kennedy. Obviously, child custody and visitaiton issues are now moot and Taylor will get full custody of her daughter. It will be interesting to see how this $1.5 million lawsuit plays out as I’m not sure where the source of monies will come out to settle said lawsuit.

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Source: Taylor and Russell are being sued for $1.5 million

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