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Orange County Divorce for Former TV Star Sweetin

The Orange County divorce of actress Jodie Sweetin and now-former husband Cody Herpin became final last week, according to media reports. Sweetin rose to fame as a child star on the late 80s/early 90s TV series “Full House”. In recent years she has admitted to struggling with drug and alcohol problems, according to a report by television station WBGH.

According to E! Online, the couple married three years ago, after dating for just two months. Their daughter turned two this month. Media reports indicate the actress has been ordered to pay her former husband $600 per month in Orange County child support. According to E!, the couple have also agreed to Orange County joint custody of their child, a request granted last week by the judge at their hearing in Orange County Superior Court.

“Cody and I try to get along the best we can for Zoie’s sake,” Sweeten recently told E! News in a remark that was difficult to square with some of the accusations leveled against her during the proceedings. The successful divorce settlement followed a period of bitter legal conflict between the two during which Herpin sought sole custody and claimed Sweetin had driven drunk with the child in her car, according to WBGH.

Sweetin’s Orange County divorce offers a reminder of a number of issues other couples considering an Orange County divorce would do well to consider. Child custody and visitation questions can often become the subject of heated disputes. Having an experienced Orange County divorce attorney in your corner is the best way to guarantee that your rights are protected throughout the process. It is an unfortunate fact of life that California divorce is an adversarial process that can often become difficult and emotional. An Orange County divorce lawyer can be your best defense against unfair accusations designed to drive a wedge between you and your children.

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