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Orange County Divorce Lawyer: Defending Domestic Violence Charges

Defending You From Domestic Violence Charges
Domestic violence accusations can ruin your reputation and pose serious challenges in family law matters. With over a decade of experience, I will help you protect your rights regarding:

Restraining orders — Restraining orders protect victims from harassment, threats and domestic violence. If an order of protection is filed against you, you could be kept away from your children for three years. If you go near your children while there is a restraining order, you can be arrested. Restraining orders can be filed against a spouse or relative, such as cousins, parents or siblings. We will fight the restraining order to help you maintain your relationship with your family and loved ones.

Divorce and domestic violence — Accusations of family violence can have a negative impact on your divorce proceedings. If your spouse is using domestic abuse charges to gain the upper hand in divorce proceedings, our attorneys will work tirelessly to bring the truth to light and protect your rights.

Child custody and support — Family courts are not likely to allow abusive parents to spend time with their children. We will help you fight the domestic violence charges to protect your right to a relationship with your children.

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