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Orange County Divorce: Marriage Rates Decrease as Cohabitation Rates Increase

In and around Orange County, Los Angeles County and throughout Southern California herein, more people are choosing to cohabitate rather than get married. Indeed, an article here states that “. . . 47 percent of women from 25 to 29 had never been married in 2009, almost double the 26 percent reported in 1986, according to a Census Bureau report released today.”

Indeed, “[a]s marriage rates have decreased and cohabitation has become more common, marriage has become more selective of adults who are better off socioeconomically and have more education,” the report said.

Personally speaking, I know most people in my age group have put off marriage until their mid to late 30s. Most people would rather cohabitate to test the waters before jumping into marriage, which is probably the smart thing to do. The article also states that “[a]bout 27 percent of women from 30 to 34 reported never having been married in 2009, almost doubling the 14 percent who hadn’t been married in 1986. The percentage of women older than 55 who had never married rose to 5.8 from 4.8 percent in that period.”

In examining divorce rates, from an Orange County divorce perspective, it is interesting to note that the length of time for marriages have stayed constant (around seven-years). Indeed, people who divorce in their first marriage separate after a median period of seven years, the Census Bureau said.

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Source: American Couples get more “Selective”

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