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Orange County Divorce: Using Facebook in a Divorce

I’ve blogged about this topic before but its worth going over again so that anyone planning to file for a Los Angeles or Orange County Divorce can be properly warned not to post incriminating evidence on their Facebook page. Family law attorneys all over the United States (not just in California), are logging onto Facebook to help their clients in a divorce action. Nowadays, Facebook is not just for college kids or teeny boppers but everyone from all walks of life now have a Facebook account… from the youngsters to the seniors.

Some attorneys report that “the wrong posts can greatly reduce alimony or lead to only one parent getting custody of children.” Indeed, if someone is posting pictures of binge drinking or updating their status to state they will be abducting the kids to another town, your chances of gaining child custody will be significantly reduced. Furthermore, if you are trying to obtain California spousal support from your spouse, its not a good idea to post financial information or reveal you have a job on your profile (especially if you have been out of work for many, many years).

As another example, if you are attempting to obtain California spousal support from your spouse and your spouse is alleging that you are cohabitating with your boyfriend, do not post pictures of you and your boyfriend together that could someone lead someone to believe that you are both living together. This is a classic California cohabitation issue that could effect the recipient’s receipt of spousal support.

If you are contemplating filing for divorce in Los Angeles or Orange County, consult an Orange County divorce lawyer for more information.

Source: Divorce is Ware, Facebook is Ammunition

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