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Orange County Divorce: What happens to our pets?

It’s no surprise that Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are officially calling it quits by filing for divorce. Spencer admits that he was too concered on fame rather than focusing on his marriage. Similarly, Heidi states that she and Spencer just wanted “different things in life.” As in any divorce case, whether it be in Orange County or Los Angeles County, couples will need to separate their community property assets and debts. The process is not easy and it takes a lot of time and effort to work out the details.

Further, although the couple does not live together, Heidi states that they “share (their) puppies.” This brings up an interesting question that we do not see too often in divorce proceedings, but it does come up every once in a while: What happens to the community property acquired pets when couples divorce? In California, pets are not treated like children where one party will take custody of the pet for a certain amount of days and then the other party will take the pet for another several days. In fact, pets are treated like personal property. The pet will either be awarded to one party in a divorce judgment. I’ve also heard of couples who sell the pet and split the proceeds. Selling the pet will likely be emotionally tough for any pet owner but it does happen. The best, less traumatic way to decide on what happens to a pet during a divorce is to award it to someone and be done. So, will the puppies end up with Heidi or Spencer?

Source: Heidi Montag and Spencer Share Puppies— But Not a House.

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