Orange County Domestic Violence Charges dropped for Tito Ortiz

About a month ago, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office decided not to file domestic abuse charges against Tito Ortiz for allegedly physically attacking his live-in girlfriend, Jenna Jameson. It was reported that there was not enough evidence to prosecute a case against Tito Ortiz.

Ortiz was arrested on April 26, 2010 for suspected domestic violence and then taken to the Huntington Beach Police Department after an altercation with Jameson. Ortiz posted bail the same day.

The pair briefly battled in the press over the incident, with Ortiz claiming Jameson is an Oxycontin addict and Jameson calling Ortiz a “wifebeater.” The two softened their stance after several days and appeared to be headed toward reconciliation. A temporary restraining order filed against Ortiz recently lapsed, and the two were spotted together on the beach with their twin boys.

Hopefully, Jameson is not falling prey to “Battered Women’s Syndrome.” Denial is not healthy and will not stop the abuse. Further, its especially not good for the kids!

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Source: No charges filed against Tito Ortiz due to “insufficient corroboration”