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Orange County Housewife, Vicki Gunvalson mediating divorce

Now that the Real Houswives of Orange County season has kicked off, it cannot go without controversy. A few years ago, it was Tamra Barney who became the center of a divorce matter. Now, its VIcki Gunvalson. Ironically, I recall watching the episode where Vicki and her husband jetted off to Turks and Caicos to renew their wedding vows. I guess the renewal could not hold muster as now the Gunvalsons are involved in an Orange County divorce. In fact, Vicki has stated to US Weekly the following:

“We’re still living together. We’re [mediating] our divorce. We still have our finances co-mingled [and] joint accounts.” She went on to say: “My love tank has truly been empty for many many years. We stopped communicating. My happiness came from my work and my children.”

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, it is not uncommon for couples to continue living in the same residence. However, doing so could cause plenty of stress and tension. Often times, one party does not want to move out because they don’t want to lose leverage in the divorce and they intend to keep the house after the divorce is over. Another reason could be that one spouse (typically, the stay at home spouse) will not have enough money to move out of the residence. If this is the case, usually that spouse will petition the court for an order that the other spouse pay the stay at home spouse a distribution of funds to be able to initially move out into a separate residence.

Vicki also states that they still share the same joint bank account. Why do couples do this during a divorce? Simply because pending the divorce litigation, the higher earning spouse will have to pay the stay at home spouse temporary spousal support and/or child support pending the divorce action. By giving the stay at home spouse access to the joint bank account, enables the stay at home spouse to pull funds as he or she sees fit to meet their living expenses in order to continue to maintain his or her lifestyle peniding the divorce. Eventually, once the divorce is final, all bank accounts will have to be split and the disposition of the former family residence will have to be resolved.

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Source: Vicki Gunvalson “Real Housewife of Orange County Talks Pending Divorce”

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