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Orange County Paternity Lawsuit

What is meant by filing a paternity lawsuit in Orange County or Los Angeles County? Well, you will need to file a paternity action if you have child with another person and are not legally married in California.

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have a child out of wedlock and you suddenly break off the relationship, you will need to file a Petition to Establish Parental Relationship. You will likely request child custody, child visitation and child support orders. Some parents request that the costs of the pregnancy be paid as well.

If you believe that you are not the child’s father, you will need to request a DNA test to determine the biological father. If you have been determined to not be the father (after undergoing DNA testing) and the mother has already filed a Department of Child Support Services claim, you will be absolved of all child support due and owing. If you are found to be the father, you will owe that child support.

For more information on filing a paternity lawsuit, child support, child custody or child visitation matter, contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for immediate assistance.

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