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Orange County Prosecutor Arrested in Huntington Beach Domestic Disturbance

Media reports are emerging regarding the Christmas Day arrest of both Orange County prosecutor David Brent and his wife Roshawn on Orange County domestic violence charges. The couple allegedly quarreled in a parking lot on December 25 leading to blows allegedly being struck on both sides and David Brent walking off with the car keys leaving his wife alone. Roshawn Brent then called 911.

Both Brents have posted $50,000 bond and have been released from prison. The Orange County prosecutor’s office has turned the case over to the California attorney general because of the potential conflict of interest in taking one of its own attorneys to court.

The Huntington Beach domestic violence incident highlights the importance of knowing, and keeping in touch with, an Orange County domestic violence attorney when relations in a marriage turn sour. An experienced Huntington Beach or Costa Mesa family law firm can advise clients on the best approach to difficult and possibly violent domestic situations, including whether or not seeking a restraining order may be advisable in your particular circumstances.

Complex and emotionally-charged Orange County family law issues are never easy to deal with. A skilled Orange County domestic violence lawyer can, however, offer invaluable assistance in difficult times.

Orange County Register: Prosecutor Arrested in Domestic Incident

Los Angeles Times: O.C. Prosecutor, wife arrested on suspicion of domestic violence

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