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Over $100K in child support debt collected in the Virgin Islands

A court in the Virgin Islands along with the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force have joined forces and collected in excess of $100,000.00 in outstanding child support debt since launching the “Pay or Go to Jail” program about two months ago. The program was implemented as a result of fathers who have failed to pay their child support payments.

Since August of this year, 112 warrants in default for nonpayment of child support have been issued by the Court. Further, to date, 86 men have made payment, in many cases as a result of their arrest.Those arrested are then released from custody immediately upon payment in full of outstanding monies.

The monies collected are then disbursed to the mothers for their children. Currently, only two individuals, who owe in excess of $10,000 and $20,000 respectively, remain in custody. To date $104,452.00 has been collected.

Like the Virgin Islands, here in Southern California, failure to pay child support could result in jail time, although it is rare. Instead, other measures such as withholding a passport or a driver’s license are used in getting payors to pay their child support debt.

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Source: Over $100K Collected in Outstanding Child Support

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