An American couple who claim they lost custody of their two young sons because of their ‘limited cognitive abilities’ are fighting back. The only Court in the State of California to terminate parental rights is the Juvenile Court under the Welfare and Institutions Code.

Amy Fabbrini, 31, and Eric Ziegler, 38, had their first child, Christopher, removed from their home about four years ago, shortly after he was born.

Fabbrini says Christopher was taken by the state after a friend accused Ziegler of “not picking up on (the baby’s) cues.”

Casey Affleck‘s wife of 9 years, Summer Phoenix, is filing for divorce, and according to her the split’s been a longtime coming.

Summer filed the divorce petition Monday in Los Angeles … citing irreconcilable differences. The couple has 2 sons — 13-year-old Indiana and 9-year-old Atticus. In the docs, she requests joint physical and legal custody of the boys. Joint physical custody means the couple will share equal time with the children and basically she is not fighting the time share. Legal custody deals with the descision making part of the custody arrangement. Both are important to the upbringing of the children.

In the docs, she lists their date of separation as November 2015 — although they didn’t announce the split until March 2016. Point is… things had long since been on the rocks when Casey won the Oscar for Best Actor earlier this year.

A federal judge has ordered Kentucky taxpayers to pay more than $220,000 in legal fees because a county clerk refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples in 2015.

U.S. District Judge David Bunning on Friday ordered the state to pay $222,695 in fees to the attorneys of two same-sex couples and others who sued Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis for refusing to give them marriage licenses. He also awarded $2,008.08 in other costs. Bunning said the county and Davis herself did not have to pay.

“Davis represented the Commonwealth of Kentucky when she refused to issue marriage licenses to legally eligible couples. The buck stops there,” Bunning wrote.

A divorced couple is still having trouble with divvying up their assets, according to a July 5 opinion by the Florida Fourth District Court of Appeals. Normally divorces that have alot of assets take much more time to get done cost a lot more money to do. Divorces that include alot of assets need forensic accountants to analyze the true value of the community estate.

Nancy Hua filed the appeal, claiming that the lower court was not correct when it didn’t give her permanent alimony.  Permanent spousal support requires an analysis of the receiving spouses condition and if it warrant support for a lifetime.  Often the spouse will be ordered to go back to work at some point. And it did not correctly categorize which stocks were considered assets, required both sides to pay money they made in a rental property sale to her ex-husband’s father and dismissed her request for attorney’s fees.

 The legal issues began when Hua’s former husband, Dennis Tsung, filed for divorce in 2013 after nearly 18 years of marriage. At this time, Tsung had moved to Brazil while Hua stayed in Broward County with their two children. During much of their marriage, Hua allegedly received gifts from Tsung’s family.

As a result of the recent tummult in Washington DC married couples are avoiding getting divorced in fear that their health coverage will also get terminated.  The health care uncertainty in Washington, D.C. is causing some separating couples to press pause on their divorces, financial planners and divorce attorneys say.

 Indeed, some couples have put their divorces on ice until there’s more clarity out of Washington, D.C . For some, that means staying married and entering into a post-nuptial agreement that leaves them legally together but spells out the separation of assets and terms of a possible future divorce. For others, that means finalizing divorce papers but holding off on sending them to the courts for processing. A decade ago, it was common for couples to get a legal separation instead of a divorce if they wanted a spouse to retain coverage. But that avenue has largely closed, as companies no longer allow a legally separated spouse to stay on their employer plan, says Andrew Vaughn, a Chicago divorce attorney and founder of NuVorce.

Because this country is one of the only developed nations where coverage is tied to employment and, often, marital status, health insurance has always been a factor in American divorces. Even before President Donald Trump’s election last November threatened the future of the ACA, couples with a non-working spouse in the midst of chemotherapy tended to stick together for fear of upending treatment, says John Slowiaczek, president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

Often the most complicated part of any divorce that has assets deals with the  division of a business.  The analysis into determining the value of the business and the contribution of community and or separate property is quite intensive. In order to adequately evaluate the business a party must do a thorough analysis of the business.  This means that a forensic accountant needs to be appointed to look at all aspects of how the business is run and which spouse is controlling the day to day running of the business.

The bitter 2015 divorce of David and Barbara Mikkelson is the fuel that ignited the battle for the popular fact-checking Web site, Snopes, which is now resorting to a GoFundMe drive to keep it afloat.

The showdown takes on added gravity because the popular site, owned by Bardav Inc., is one of the outlets that Facebook turns to for verification of stories when it receives complaints of fake news.

One less problem for the Dallas Cowboys or so does Jerry Jones and The Dallas Cowboys think.  It seems there is a conveyor belt of domestic violence incidents that keep rolling our the Dallas Cowboys facility.  And why? Well certainly the drafted individuals by the Dallas Cowboys may be the reason.  Someone and maybe its Jerry Jones is choosing players who may or may not have had past behaviors that may or may not have been clues into the character of these individuals.  Ezekiel Elliot seems to stand out.

Rookie cornerback Jourdan Lewis was just found not guilty of attacking his then-girlfriend after a 2-day domestic violence trial.

The 3rd round draft pick had been charged with domestic violence after allegedly roughing up his then-girlfriend at their apartment in Ann Arbor on March 15.

I guess if Jerry Jones says the domestic violence accusations against their star running back are unfounded then we have to take him for his word that they are frivolous and without merit.  Well these are very strong words from the Dallas Cowboys owner.  The reports are from the girlfriend of Ezekiel that she was battered by him in a parked car and had some red mark on her body.  These marks could lead to a valid claim of  domestic violence by the girlfriend.  All of this took place in Columbus Ohio Ezekiel’s home town.  The police had investigated the incidents and did not file any criminal charges against Ezekiel.  We dont know why they declined to press charges at this time.  The police were said to have investigated and  interviewed numerous witnesses who might have knowledge of these incidents.  So possibly the credibility of the victim or girlfriend became a real issue with the police. The witnesses who were interviewed saw nothing go on.  In addition the red marks seem less than credible by the police.  To press criminal charges the police would need some credible evidence and possibly victim to be more credible.  Sometimes marks on the body dont necessarily alone equate with domestic  violence.  There might be a question as how  they got their.  In addition, we dont know the motivation of the victim when they made these claims against their boyfriend.

The NFL has to become involved as well which will pose a much more stringent approach to the domestic violence accusations.  The NFL  does its own investigation and come up with its own findings.  This is a separate matter than that of the criminal investigation by the Columbus police department. Jerry Jones The Dallas Cowboys owner has been very vehement about the false accusations against his star running back.  He says he reviewed the police report and could not find anything wrong with what Ezekiel did.

The NFL is still investigating the domestic violence case.  If Ezekiel is found to have committed domestic violence the league despite the Columbus’s City Attorney’s office rejection of filing a criminal case can suspend Ezekiel.  This is why Jerry Jones is so adamant that Ezekiel is innocent and all  evidence against  is really weak. Ezekiel if found to have violated NFL domestic violence  policy can be suspended 6 games.  That is the standard suspension for cases such as  Ezekiel. Obviously if that  is the case Ezekiel could potentially be suspended half of  the football season.  And that  means the Dallas Cowboys could be in real grave danger without their star running back  playing.  Last year is was the close to the best running back in the league and was a pivotal player in Dallas great year to reach the playoffs.

Religious liberty did not grant three rabbis leeway to abduct Jewish husbands to force divorces from their wives, the Third Circuit ruled, upholding their kidnapping convictions. This case seems rather odd and appears to have nothing to do with divorces but more about extortion, robbery and burglary.  I dont understand how the only convictions on these violent men were not more than kidnapping. Normally a divorce can happen without proving anything to the court.  So these Rabbi’s thought it an easy target to threaten innocent men to get a divorce from their wives.

The 38-page amended ruling released Monday rejected a number of challenges by the three rabbis, including that the underlying FBI sting operation constituted “outrageous government conduct” and that their religion gave them the right to kidnap uncooperative husbands in the pursuit of a gittin, or religious divorce.

Mendel Epstein, Binyamin Stimler, and Jay Goldstein were all convicted in 2015 of operating a ring of rabbis and “tough guys” to help multiple Orthodox Jewish women kidnap their husbands to obtain a get, or divorce contract.

Tarek El Moussa and Christina El Moussa won’t be divorced anytime soon if swift action isn’t taken immediately.

It was reported on July 21 that the “Flip of Flop” duo’s divorce is on the verge of being thrown out because it’s not moving forward — Christina has reportedly not responded and Tarek hasn’t filed documents in months.  Usually california Law is very clear that a divorce petitions once filed and served needs to have a response done within 30 days after it is served on the other party.  It is unclear if a response has been filed but I assume that one has been done.  There might have been a hearing set to discuss certain divorce issues such as support and custody however, it looks like the couple has  dealt with those issues and they might be behind them.  Therefore anything the Court is looking at might be to take a hearing off calendar since the parties are cooperating with one  another.

Another issue involving divorce deadlines is the movement of the  case through the court system.  A stagnated case will be dismissed usually within 5 years.  However, the El Moussa’s case is relatively new so that probably is not the issue. There are certain requirements once the divorce is started that each party must abide by.  These would be the declarations of disclosure of  assets and liabilities.