Parentage in California


Parentage law determines who the law will recognize as the child’s legal parent.

The legal parent and child relationship gives rise to numerous legal rights, privileges, duties and obligations such as the following:

  1.  Child custody and visitation rights.
  2. The right to choose a child’s place of residence.
  3. The right to a child’s earnings.
  4. The duty of a parent to support a child and of an adult child to support an indigent parent.
  5. Inheritance rights as between parents and children.
  6. Public assistance rights of a parent for the maintenance of a child.
  7. Immigration rights.
  8. Insurance beneficiary and survivor benefit rights
  9. Social security rights.
  10. Standing of parent to seek tort damages for injury to or the wrongful death of child, or of a child for the wrongful death of a parent.

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