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Parental Alienation Ruling Sends Mixed Signal

The latest round in the continuing struggle over parental alienation and father’s rights is being fought on Long Island, but contains lessons for Orange County parents battling California parental alienation.

According to a report by WCBS-TV, a Long Island judge has sentenced a woman to alternating summer weekends in jail for alienating her two daughters from their father, in the process denying him child visitation rights. On one occasion the mother also falsely accused the father of molesting one of the girls. “Right now, the children want nothing to do with me,” Ted Rubin told the New York Post. According to the paper, Rubin’s ex-wife Lauren Lippe was found guilty of numerous violations of the couple’s joint custody decree.

The victory for this long-suffering father can be taken to heart by other fathers dealing with difficult, sometimes impossible, divorce situations. According to WCBS, Rubin and Lippe divorced in 2003. Rubin says the problems began almost immediately (the couple’s girls are now ages 13 and 15), and has reached a point where they now tell him their stepfather, is their “real father”.

According to the Post the judge blamed the mother for “deliberately alienating” the girls from their father. One has to ask, however, whether six summer weekends in jail is really going to change this pattern of behavior. News reports indicate that Rubin will take care of the girls while their mother is in prison, but they also create an impression of damage that runs so deep that it can hardly be undone over the course of a few summer weekends.

Here in California, where parental alienation and father’s rights were debated by the legislature earlier this year, the New York case can serve as a reminder of the difficulties Orange County fathers can have obtaining justice from the court system. A Southern California father’s rights attorney can be one of your most important allies in your fight for justice and the relationship with your children that you want and deserve. The court system can often seem to be stacked against fathers. An Orange County parental alienation lawyer can help you fight the system.

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