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Pop Star Christina Aguilera files for Divorce

Pop star Christina Aguilera has filed for divorce today, according to TMZ. Aguilera is requesting that the division of the parties assets be divided in accordance with the parties’ premarital agreement. What is interesting to note in the Petition is that Aguilera is requesting that all of her earnings and accumulations earned “during marriage” be considered her separate property. As you we all know in California, the general rule of law is that all earnings, accumulations earned during the marriage is community property unless specifiied otherwise.

It’s a good thing Ms. Aguilera prepared and protected herself in the event of a divorce. If the prenuptual agreement says that her earnings earned during her marriage remain her separate property, then she will not have to split 50% of it with her husband.

Another interesting tidbit set forth in the Petition is that Ms. Aguilera is requesting that the court terminate Bratman’s ability to obtain spousal support. I am assuming the parties prenuptual agreement likely spells out Bratman’s entitlement to spousal support.

Finally, Ms. Aguilera is requesting that the parties share joint legal and joint physical custody of their son, Max, meaning each parent should have custody of Max 50% of the time.

It will be interesting to see how this divorce plays out. Hopefully, it won’t get nasty, especially for the sake of their son.

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Source: Christina Aguilera Files for Divorce

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