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Post-Judgment Divorce: Diandra Douglas Revives Bid for Movie Cash

In another attempt to obtain her share of the monies from Michael Douglas’ film, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps”, Diandra Douglas is seeking court relief to obtain said monies in a New York City court house. It was previously decided that a New York court did not have jurisdiction to make a ruling on Diandra’s claim. However, Diandra’s lawyers are once gain reviving the lawsuit in New York City asking said court to reconsider its ruling.

With Diandra looking on, Michael’s lawyer noted his recent fight with throat cancer and said his ex “should be ashamed of herself” for seeking more money when she’s gotten more than $51 million from him in the divorce and her stake in some earnings afterward. Meanwhile, Diandra’s lawyers brought up his recent purchase of a $5 million-plus home near New York and his children’s private schools.

Leaving court, Diandra Douglas lamented the “mudslinging” she felt was directed at her.

“I’ve always behaved as a lady, and I always intend to do so in the future,” she said. “I think the facts speak for themselves.”

Michael Douglas wasn’t at court. His lawyer, Marilyn B. Chinitz, said his ex-wife’s claim was meritless, and “she ought to get the message and move on.”

Diandra insists on pursuing her claim in New York despite the fact that the parties are to litigate the matter in Santa Barbara County, California. Diandra claims that it would be difficult for her to travel back and forth from California to New York and requests the matter be heard in New York. Diandra makes these claims despite owning a home nearby in California.

These types of post-judgment issues after finalization of a divorce can always creep up many years later. When the parties involved acquire such a large community estate, it is always best to have a prenuptual agreement in place so your assets are protected. This is why hiring an Orange County or Los Angeles County divorce lawyer is imperative.

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Source: Michael Douglas’ Ex Revives NYC Bid for Movie Cash

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