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Potential Los Angeles Spousal Support reduction for Jamie McCourt

The saga of the McCourt divorce continues. This past July, Frank McCourt filed an Order to Show Cause to reduce his spousal support obligation to Jamie. Prior to said filing, this past May, Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon, ordered Frank to pay $225,000 a month in spousal support and more than $400,000 a month to maintain the parties’ multiple homes.

In the recent Order to Show Cause papers filed in July, Frank claimed that he has paid more than $5.0 million to cover the mortgages of six homes and a condominium over the last year. Additionally, Frank claims that he paid Jamie $2.7 million in temporary spousal support.

Frank also claims that the spousal support payments should be more along the lines within the $5 million he receives annually and either Jamie McCourt should be ordered to pay the mortgages herself or the properties should be sold.

In contrast, Jamie claims that Frank has received more than $44 million into his bank accounts since June 2010, justifying the fact that she should continue to receive the current spousal support order.

It will be interesting to see how the Judge rules on this matter. When you are dealing with assets and the income of the filthy rich, courts tend to make orders outside of guideline. So, we’ll see.

At any rate, going through a divorce can be stressful. Parties often deal with issues surrounding spousal support, child support, property division, attorney fees and costs, among others. This is why hiring an Orange County divorce lawyer could work to your benefit to ease some of the tension.

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Source: McCourt Divorce: Spousal Support for Jamie may be reduced

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