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Prenuptual Agreements are not just for the Wealthy

When couples are planning to get married, the last thing on their minds is whether they should sign a prenuptual agreement. Some people think that asking their fiance to sign a prenuptual agreement is not romantic. However, in this day and age, are prenuptual agreements considered the engagement ring for the 21st century? Would you rather be safe than sorry? Afterall, a prenputual agreement protects your assets in the event of a divorce– whether you are rich or not.

In a recent article, 73% of attorneys cited there was an increase in prenuptual agreements. Further, more and more women are the ones initiating the prenuptual agreements. Women are becoming smarter, making a career for themselves and want to protect their assets.

Additionally, people who opt to enter into a prenuptual agreement are not necessarily high earning individuals. One attorney drew up a prenuptual agreement for someone earning only $40,000 per year. Given the current bad economic state we are experiencing, more and more people want to protect what they have. Some have lost money in the stock market and this recession and they want to hold on to what they have left.

So, if you are contemplating marriage, you may want to consider entering into a prenuptual agreement. A prenuptual agreement will protect your assets upon a divorce.
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Source: More Couples Saying “I do” to prenuptual agreements

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