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R Kelly pays his past due Child Support

Happy 2014! Happy New Year to all our readers!

Let’s start this year off on the right path with a positive post about a parent paying off their child support debt.

According to reports, R. Kelly has paid off his $114,000 child support debt he owed to the mother of his child(ren).

A week ago or so, “The Custodial Support Foundation” issued a press release stating that Andrea Kelly (of “Hollywood Exes”) hired them to contact R. Kelly for falling behind on his child support payments.

According to reports, R. Kelly is now up to date on all his support payments! Horray!

If you have a child support order in place, make sure you pay it every month. Otherwise, there could be dire consequences if you fail to pay.

Well done R. Kelly. Now you don’t have to worry about the Dept of Child Support services taking away your driver’s license or passport.

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