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Sheen Arrest Complicates Los Angeles Custody Situation

In the wake of actor Charlie Sheen’s Christmas Day arrest on charges of menacing, assault and criminal mischief questions have also arisen over the Los Angeles County child custody situation surrounding his children.

Sheen’s alleged assault on his wife, Brooke Mueller, took place in Colorado, but numerous media reports indicate authorities in that state have passed the lead on issues related to the couple’s children to the LA County Department of Children and Family Services, which has reportedly begun an investigation. Sheen and Mueller are the parents of twin 9-month old boys. Sheen also has two daughters by his ex-wife, actress Denise Richards.

The Southern California child custody investigation Sheen and Mueller now find themselves facing is evidence of the seriousness with which the authorities treat potential threats to children arising from marital disputes. According to a recent report on FoxNews.com there have been indications that the children could be temporarily removed from both parents custody.

For any Southern California parent facing a difficult and complicated situation involving DCFS the advice and assistance of a Los Angeles County or Orange County family law attorney is crucial. California child custody and visitation issues can be both legally complex and emotionally stressful. Having an experienced Costa Mesa custody attorney available to help you through the process from its first stages through to a final family court judgment can be the key to a successful outcome.

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