Southern California Divorce is #3 for Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk, the man who more-or-less created professional skateboarding, announced last week that he has filed for a Southern California divorce from his third wife, Lhotse Merriam. According to the Los Angeles Times for couple filed divorce papers in the San Diego area after five years of marriage.

Hawk and Merriam have one child, a two-year-old daughter. Hawk also has three other children from his previous marriages one of whom, the Times notes, has followed him into the world of professional skateboarding.

In a statement, the couple called the decision to break up “difficult,” expressed concern for, and continued commitment to, their daughter and asked the media to respect the family’s privacy, the Times notes.

Media reports of the imminent Southern California divorce have made no mention of whether the couple have a prenuptial agreement. The existence or nonexistence of a prenup could have a huge bearing on whatever final settlement Hawk and Merriam eventually reach. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that there is no prenup, California’s community property law would entitle Merriam to half of everything Hawk has earned during the couple’s marriage. Though Hawk is largely retired from competitive skateboarding he remains the sport’s most visible face, commanding large appearance fees and lending his name to a popular skateboarding-themed video game. Merriam may also be entitled to spousal support and, should she win custody of the couple’s daughter, child support.

Any Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego or Orange County divorce is likely to be complex. When the family’s main breadwinner brings with him obligations to a former spouse and children from a previous marriage the details can become even more difficult. An Orange County divorce attorney can help clients examine their situations carefully with the goal of meeting the law’s requirements while ensuring a genuinely equitable outcome.

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