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Southern California Divorce Now Final for Rocker Avril Lavigne

The drawn-out California divorce of Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley became official late last month. Though the rock-star couple are both Canadian they were married in California four years ago, and eventually chose California for their divorce as well. According to E! Online a Los Angeles family court judge made the split official.

Divorce proceedings for the two rockers (Lavigne is a solo act, Whibley leads the band Sum 41) have largely taken place well-away from the public eye, but have not moved particularly quickly. E! reports that the couple split in September 2009, though as I noted in a post last January their professional relationship, at least initially, survived the marital break-up. At that time Whibley was still working with Lavigne as producer of her next album, but Lavigne was quoted as saying that divorce-related stress was spilling over into the studio and slowing down the creative process (the album – originally slated for release in 2009 still is not out).

The celebrity-watching website Monstersandcritics.com writes that in recent months, both Lavigne and Whibley have clearly moved on with their lives. Both have been frequently sighted in LA’s clubs and other getaway spots accompanied by other partners. The website reports that the couple had a California prenuptial agreement but offers no insight on why a divorce that has been described as relatively clear-cut has taken over a year to finalize.

The answer, of course, may be relatively mundane: even a simple divorce takes time, and the existence of a prenuptial agreement does not mean that there is nothing to negotiate.

It is exactly because of situations like these – California divorce proceedings that turn out to be more complex than expected – that the advice of an experienced Los Angeles or Orange County divorce attorney is so important. At every stage of the process, it is imperative that anyone contemplating a divorce should seek out the valuable legal advice that a skilled Southern California family law expert can offer.

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