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Southern California Divorce Rejected for Parker and Longoria – Couple Reportedly Opt for Texas Instead

The jurisdictional questions I wrote about late last year that were threatening to complicate the California divorce of “Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria and her NBA-player husband Tony Parker appear to have been resolved. According to the New York Daily News. As I noted in November the couple originally filed dueling divorce petitions – he in Texas and she in California.

Now, the newspaper reports, they have not only settled on Texas with Longoria reportedly withdrawing her California divorce petition, but their split has already been finalized by a Texas court.

When the couple’s break-up was first announced there were a number of indications that it was likely to be complex, lengthy and acrimonious – not least of which were the offsetting divorce petitions in two states: California (presumably, because that is where Longoria lives and works as an actress) and Texas (where Parker plays for the NBA’a San Antonio Spurs). The Daily News reports that the couple, in the end, opted for Texas because they had originally “finalized their prenuptial agreement” there.

Within weeks, however, the couple were spotted dining and going out in public on more than one occasion. In retrospect it appears either that fears of an acrimonious divorce were overblown or that the couple managed a limited reconciliation as the divorce process moved forward.

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New York Daily News: Eva Longoria, Tony Parker divorce finalized in Texas after actress drops her California petition

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