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Statewide Sweep Recoups $233,000 in Child Support

New Jersey Office of Child Support Services along with New Jersey law enforcement officers successfully recouped $233,000 in child support from noncustodial parents who have been delinquent in their child support payments. They served over 900 warrants against offenders in 21 counties.

Sheriff’s officers worked jointly with local police to recover the back child support. That amounts to roughly 1.2 percent of the $14.3 million in delinquent child support payments.

In addition to noncustodial parents who were deliquent in their child support payments, the sweep also covered parents who failed to attend court hearings intended to establish payments for child support or the determination of medical expenses.

Delinquent child support payments were highest in Camden, Mercer, Middlesex and Monmouth Counties. All four counties had more than $1 million in outstanding child support payments, according to Judiciary Department records.

This “sweep” is certainly a step in the right direction in getting parents to pay their child support obligations. As I blogged about on numerous occasions, child support is not something to take lightly. There are ramifications such as the revocation of one’s driver’s license or getting your passport placed on hold if you don’t pay child support. In fact, this has happened to several of our clients.

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Source: Sweep Recoups $233,000 in Child Support

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