Stevie Wonder files for California Divorce

Another celebrity divorce hit headlines last week when it was reported that Stevie Wonder had filed for divorce from his wife, Kai Millard Morris. The couple married in 2001 and separated in 2009. The couple also have 2 minor children.

In his Los Angeles County divorce petition, Wonder requested joint legal and joint physical custody of the two kids. He also agreed to pay child support and spousal support to Morris. Property rights will also have to be determined.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, because this divorce is filed herein California, community property laws will dictate the division of assets and debts incurred during the marriage.

Since the parties separated in 2009, any and all accumulations and earnings acquired by that party will remain the separate property of the recipient.

Additionally, since the parties have two minor children, they will need to resolve child custody and visitation issues. Looks like Wonder is asking for joint physical custody, which means each party will have the children in their custody and care for 50% of the time.

Once child custody and visitation is finalized, child support will need to be set as well as spousal support.

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Source: Stevie Wonder’s Divorce Papers Files, Seeks Joint Custody