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Study finds that one divorce can lead to others

A new study shows that Orange County divorce can have a way of spreading. According to a recent article at CNN.com, a San Diego State University study indicates that one couple’s divorce can have an effect not only on other couples in their immediate social circle but on friends of the couple’s friends as well.

Though conducted from Southern California this divorce study cast its net nationwide. In reporting the study, CNN noted that only a few days after Al Gore and his wife Tipper announced a separation the former vice president’s oldest daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, announced that her marriage, too, is ending.

All of this is best seen as a cautionary tale: a reminder that Orange County divorce is not to be entered into lightly. It also highlights one of the many reasons why an Orange County divorce lawyer plays such a crucial role in any Orange County separation, annulment or divorce agreement: because as complex as it often is, an Orange County divorce is something that can enter any couple’s life at short notice, bringing with it both stress and confusion.

Speaking specifically of the Gores, the study’s authors emphasized to CNN that their data show no special timing-related linkages between parental splits and those of their children (the researchers did not dismiss the idea, according to CNN – they merely said the study did not examine that particular variable). What is clear, however, is that one person’s experience going through a split can cause his or her friends, as well as friends of friends, to take stock of their own marriages leading, in many cases, to more divorces and separations.

This sort of marital instability, along with the financial issues questions that often arise in its wake, is one of the reasons why consulting with an Orange County divorce lawyer at the earliest possible stage of your thinking about a Southern California divorce, separation or annulment is important. Protecting your rights, and your assets, is a primary responsibility of your Southern California divorce and family law attorney. You should not get a divorce just because a friend or neighbor is doing so, but if you are considering this fateful decision it is important to seek the solid, professional advice an Orange County divorce lawyer is best-placed to offer.

CNN: Could you be ‘infected’ by friend’s divorce?

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