Sunset Beach Custody Battle focuses on TV star and ex-wife

An Orange County family law dispute made it to court Tuesday, pitting the star of the Discovery Channel TV show “Monster Garage” against his ex-wife over custody of their five year old daughter. But behind the hype and the headlines this case is not much different from many ordinary Orange County family court cases. In that respect, it highlights how essential a skilled and experienced Orange County custody lawyer can be in the complex area of family law.

TV star Jesse James and his wife, described in media reports as “a former porn star”, divorced in 2004, shortly before their daughter was born. They have been arguing about custody and visitation issues ever since. Earlier this year the mother went to prison for six months after being convicted of tax evasion. At that time James was granted sole custody of the couple’s daughter. James, now married to the actress Sandra Bullock and living in Sunset Beach, is seeking to limit his ex-wife’s visitation rights, asking the Orange County family court to review whether the girl will be safe when visiting her mother.

Putting aside the Hollywood drama of an Orange County custody and visitation dispute involving a TV star, a movie star and a porn star the case is not that different from ones an Orange County family law attorney sees every day: it involves parents whose marriage has ended and now have different visions for the welfare of their young daughter. It highlights the need for an Orange County visitation attorney who can bring experience, sensitivity and skill to a particularly emotional area of the legal world.

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