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Tarek and Christina El Moussa Domestic Violence and guns

If anyone has watched HGTV then you would know of Tarek and Christina El Moussa buying and selling houses.  They are famous for buying homes cheap and refurbishing them for resale.  They would then make a nice profit.  It seemed like it was a good business and all was well in the El Moussa residence.  However, looks can be deceiving as it turned out.  The TV couple were hiding behind a persona that showed all was well and happy in TV Land.  But now it has come out that Tarek might have committed acts of domestic violence.  Reports are coming out that Tarek had a gun and had taken it with him on some outside trip he took.

Police were called and eventually they caught up with Tarek and told him to drop the gun.  In California there are stringent domestic violence laws.  If Christina was in fear for her life and or reasonably was in fear or apprehension of being harmed by Tarek she could immediately get A Domestic Violence Restraining Order.  Only a preponderence of the evidence can prove her case about being threatened or even fearful of a potential assault.

Although Tarek claimed “he was blowing off steam” that might be enough for Christine to go to Court and explain to a Judge that he had a gun and was unpredictable and she had two young children to protect.  Also the Judge would have to consider if he had a prior criminal history or Domestic violence background.  Ever since the O.J. Simpson case in the state of California the Judicial System has become quite conservative in their view of what is considered domestic violence.  Some judges do not want to grant restraining orders regularly because of the fear one party might get the upper hand against the other party.  That means that a person could potentially abuse the court system and seek restraining orders at every altercation and problem they have with their partner and restrain them from potentially seeing their children and effecting their job status.

Therefore it is really important that a person who is charged with domestic violence and has a gun involved with the charge that they seek immediate help.  A gun possession during the allegation of a domestic violence altercation could be a critical piece in the conviction or granting of the a domestic violence restraining order.  Courts in this case might always side on the issue of safety first and think about public safety first rather than whether the gun was actually used as a threat.

In addition, the use of a gun could not only lead to family law restraining orders but the crossover into criminal charges.  Once criminal charges are filed against a person then they are really in a much more serious situation than just a family law restraining order.  Their freedom could be jeopardized and their reputation permanently effected.  Therefore, Tarek El Moussa and Christine El Moussa are in a very awkward and dangerous situation for their family.  One mistep and their whole life could be seriously debilitated and ruined.

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