Text Messages and California Divorce

The headline of a recent New York Times article says it all: “Text Messages: Digital lipstick on the collar.” The piece highlights the fact that technology may change from generation to generation but human nature does not. People, unfortunately, cheat; and all too often they leave evidence behind if one knows where to find it. This issue is also a useful reminder that when selecting a Southern California divorce attorney you need to be sure to find a professional who is both experienced in legal matters and well-versed in modern technology.

From Tiger Woods to Detroit’s now ex-mayor (a Democrat) and Senator John Ensign of Nevada (a Republican) the list of the high and mighty brought low by indiscrete texting is surprisingly long. The Times article notes that even text messages that have been deleted from both the sender’s and receiver’s phones are not necessarily gone. Different cell carriers have different policies, but all keep text message data for at least a few days and some hold onto it for several weeks.

These are things you need to be aware of when consulting with an Orange County divorce lawyer, and that your attorney, in turn, needs to demonstrate some familiarity with. In a world where technology changes quickly, keeping up with technology’s effect on the legal world has become an important element of client service.

A full-service Costa Mesa family law firm can offer advice both on the best way to protect yourself from creating a problematic electronic trail, and on how to move forward making use of texts or emails that may paint different picture of your spouse than your are accustomed to seeing.

New York Times: Text Messages: Digital lipstick on the collar