Tiger Woods Divorce Clause: No Girlfriends to be allowed near Children

A few days ago, our very own Orange County Divorce lawyer, David P. Schwarz, was interviewed by Michelle Gile of Channel 2 news about the legal effect of the “no girlfriends to be allowed near children” clause purportedly incorporated in the Tiger Woods divorce settlement.

It is an unusal clause indeed and we do not see it normally in most Judgments and settlements here in California divorce cases. However, it is not uncommon for couples to request the incorporation of such a clause. Unless there is a problem with the girlfriend such that she is abusing drugs, committing acts of domestic violence or engaging in some sort of criminal conduct, such a clause will unlikely be included through a court order. However, that’s not to say that if both parties are in agreement with said clause that it cannot be added. Hypothetically, if Tiger agrees to include such a clause, then so be it. From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, we do see problems on enforcing such a clause. For example, how would Elin ensure that Tiger never brings his girlfriends around the kids? How will Tiger move on with his life and perhaps, remarry, if such a clause is incorporated? Most likely, such a clause will not hold up in court.

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