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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Divorce

Did Scientology play a role in the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce? It was reported last week that Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise in the State of New York, where courts are more apt to award one parent with sole legal custody. In California, the courts here typically award both parents joint legal custody unless one parent is unable to make said decisions because he/she is either is either in jail, a criminal or thoroughly does not want any part of raising the child.

At any rate, its been reported that Katie pulled the plug on their marriage after she was convinced Tom would be sending their only daughter to a Scientology camp (Sea.org). In California, either party can seek a divorce for any reason because California is a no-fault divorce State.

Strategically, it looks like Holmes filed in New York to gain an advantage in the custody aspect of their case. Legal experts are commenting that Holmes cannot “forum shop” and that Cruise could file documents to bring the case to California. In California, you must be a resident of the State at least for the past six months prior to the filing. So, we shall see what the next move will be.

Any any rate, these two have a lot at state. Media reports are stating that he earned $75 million last year. The pair own various properties around the world. Its unclear if there is a prenuptial agreement. At minimum, the parties will have to deal with issues relating to child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support and property division.

We shall see how this celebrity divorce pans out.

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Source: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Split: The Scientology Mystery