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Trial Begins for a Husband accused of Killing Wife over Child Support Dispute

Today, trial commenced in a case of a man accused of murdering his wife. Henry Lisowski is accussed of killing his wife, Rosa, over a child support dispute. The prosecution states that a child support dispute prompted the killing.

It has been reported that Henry Lisowski, who had repeatedly threatened to harm his estranged wife, was driven to kill her after she was awarded child support for the two young children they shared, a prosecutor told a jury Monday.

The wife, Rosa Lisowski, went missing about a month before an important court hearing in 2008, when a judge was to consider whether her husband would have to pay child support for the previous year and whether he had significantly underreported his income.

Her body was never found, but the prosecutor said yesterday that evidence presented in Henry Lisowski’s trial would show that he killed her and dumped her body in a trash bin.

However, a defense lawyer told the jury that Rosa Lisowski, 50, died as a result of an accident that occurred when she showed up at her husband’s home the day she was reported missing. She suffered a head injury when she tripped on a set of steps and struck her head on the pavement, the lawyer said in his opening statement to the jury. She died minutes later in her husband’s sport utility vehicle.

If in fact Rosa was killed by Henry over an alleged child support dispute, unfortunately, for Henry, it is every parent’s obligation to pay child support upon a divorce. It is adviseable from a Costa Mesa family law attorney that the paying spouse avoid under-reporting income because as among other issues, the obligor loses credibility with the court in the event said omission is exposed. Further, a child support order once implemented, is always modifiable.

Consult a Costa Mesa family law attorney for further information concerning child support.

Source: SignsonSanDiego.com: Trial begins for man accused of murdering wife