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Update on Paul Walker Guardianship

Legal drama continues to swirl around the family members whom Paul Walker left behind.

Despite an agreement reached out of court, a court commissioner today refused to dismiss the guardianship case concerning Walker’s 15-year-old daughter, Meadow. Her grandmother–Walker’s mom Cheryl Ann–had petitioned to be appointed her legal guardian, arguing that she should be the one who takes primary care of the teen and the $16 million estate left to her by her dad.

“It is up to the court to decide whether guardianship case should be granted or denied,” Commissioner David Cowan ruled Wednesday. He appointed an attorney for Meadow and ordered an investigation, the findings of which will be heard at the next hearing, scheduled for May 28.

And we’re told that Meadow, who had been staying at Cheryl Ann’s home when Walker was killed in a car crash Nov. 30 and then stayed there off and on with Soteros while they looked for a new place to live, doesn’t like what’s been going on without her input one bit.

Meadow and Rebecca lived primarily in Hawaii for much of the child’s life, but they relocated to California in 2011 because Meadow wanted to be closer to her dad.
We’re told that Meadow is currently not living with her mom or grandmother, but rather with a family friend.

“Meadow is doing well and still in school and spending time with her friends like any teenager,” the source says. “She soon hopes to move into a new home in the L.A. area with her mom.”

Meanwhile, Cowan said in making his decision to continue the case, “I understand the mother is not in condition to take custody.”

Cheryl Ann’s attorney told the court that his client “has great love for Meadow but thinks [that moving forward with her petition to become guardian] may not be successful.” She had alleged in her petition that Soteros had a drinking problem.

A source previously told us that both Meadow and Soteros were completely “taken by surprise” by Cheryl Ann’s legal action.

“From what I know, she has never once been incapable of not taking care of her children,” the source said. “Rebecca is a great mother and Meadow is a very happy child. Their relationship is excellent.”

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