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Use of Social Media during a Divorce

Did you know that sharing too much information on social media during a divorce can complicate matters and even be used against you in the courtroom? This is why you need to be cautious when posting pictures, status updates, check-ins etc.

From an Orange County Divorce Lawyer’s point of view, it is recommended that you be very cautious when posting photos, updates, tweets, etc. on social media. It would even be better if you took a break from social media during the duration of the divorce proceeding.

If you do not want to take a break from social media, think about changing your privacy settings. Don’t make your posting “public”. Keep them private and know who your “friends” are. For example, if you unfriend your spouse, any mutual friends you may have still has access to your postings and can convey the information to your ex-spouse.

Most of all, do not comment on what Judge’s rule in your case or what legal actions are taking place.

A status update containing the phrase “my attorney said” could potentially be waiving client-attorney privilege. So be careful of posting what you and your attorney discuss. In fact, its a good idea to refrain from posting any advise given to you by your attorney on any websites.

While posting a photo showing you giving a champagne toast at a wedding might seem innocuous, a spouse’s attorney might use it to suggest you have a drinking problem.

Social media postings may or may not be admissible in court, however, a skilled family law attorney can turn your own posting against you.

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