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Usher’s Wife requests that Usher contribute to her attorney fees

The divorce drama between R&B sensation Usher and his wife, Tameka Raymond, continues. Indeed, Tameka Raymond is requesting that Usher pay over $50,000 for her attorney fees and other legal investments that she has made.

Tameka filed her request for attorney fees in Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia — asking a judge to force Usher to pay her $15,000 to cover her expensive lawyer fees … plus an additional $35,000 for other costs.

According to the court pleadings, the other costs in their child custody dispute include the retention of various expert witnesses, hiring private investigators, and procuring out-of-state depositions.

Tameka claims she’s entitled to the money because of the vast disparity in income between her and Usher– a disparity that puts her at a disadvantage while she’s trying to build her case.

From an Orange County divorce lawyer’s perspective, if this case were litigated in Orange County, in order to determine if one party should pay a contribution towards the other’s attorney fees and costs, we would defer to Family Code Section 2030. Payment of attorney fees would be based on one’s need and the other’s ability to pay. If Usher has the ability to pay Tameka’s fees and if Tameka has the need, she would likely be granted an order for Usher to contribute to her attorney fees and costs.

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Source: Usher’s Ex-Wife: I need $50,000 to Kick your ass in court

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