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Wedding is off: Do you have to return the Engagement ring?

I previously blogged about a broken engagement. The ex-fiance refused to return the engagement ring so the “would-be-husband” sued his fiance for return of the ring.

We recently finalized a case with the exact same set of facts. Man and Woman broke off their engagement. Woman told Man she didn’t want to marry him. Man asked Woman to return engagement ring. Woman refused. Man sued Woman for return of the engagement ring.

Orange County Divorce Lawyer, David P. Schwarz, sued on behalf of the Man. We sued for the following causes of action:

1. Action to Recover Gifts in Contemplation of Marriage per Civil Code 1590.
2. Fraud and Deceit.
3. Constructive Fraud.
4. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.

In the end, Man recovered the ~$50,000 engagement ring. If you have a similar issue and wish to recover the ring, please contact an Orange County divorce lawyer for immediate help.

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