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Wevorce goes national with divorce offering

Wevorce, a Y Combinator startup that uses technology to take the pain out of ending a marriage, said on Wednesday it is ready to go national after beta testing its service in San Jose, San Francisco and a handful of other cities.

I wrote about the Mountain View company founded by CEO Michelle Crosby and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Reynolds last month in The Pitch, the weekly profile of startups that appears in the Silicon Valley Business Journal.

CEO Crosby said that Wevorce was born out of her own traumatic experience of watching her parents go through a painful 15 years of divorce battles that began when she was nine.

Crosby told me on Wednesday that Wevorce has nearly completed raising the $2 million it targeted, but declined to name her investors until the process is completed.
She plans to use the funds to build out the company’s infrastructure and expand its team. A blog is in the works aimed at couples who are going through divorce.

As to Wevorce’s technology and process, Crosby said it is completely different from a traditional divorce. “It’s much more comprehensive, yet because the software keeps the process structured, it’s less scary for divorcing couples and more efficient for attorneys, which leads to overall lower costs.”

In addition to making divorce less painful, she said it is also less costly with Wevorce. Instead of paying an average of $27,000 for a typical divorce, Crosby said a Wevorce usually costs less than $10,000.

The company said it tested its service with about 30 lawyers who gave positive feedback.
One of them, Cynthia First in Everett, Wash., said in a prepared statement, “Wevorce has thought of everything and incorporated it into the software and process. It saves our attorneys time, which saves clients money, and best of all this process really does result in a better, more durable and focused outcome for everyone involved.”

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Source: Wevorce goes national with divorce offering