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Woods Saga Spotlights Dubious Child Endangerment Claims

Tiger Woods’ personal life has become a very public shambles and it is widely reported that his wife is preparing to file for a California divorce from the golf legend. Now, another element of the ongoing Woods drama is leading to calls for an official investigation. A Florida State Senator is questioning whether a recent visit to Woods’ home by investigators from the state’s Department of Children & Families was prompted by a false abuse claim.

The investigators’ visit to the Woods’ home made headlines around the world last month. Nothing, however, came of it; and that has led State Sen. Ronda Storms to wonder whether the allegations that Woods’ two young children were subject to abuse might have originated with paparazzi desperate for a story. “To use the resources of the state for some grand celebrity theater is completely unacceptable,” she said, according to a recent article in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

As the newspaper notes, unfounded abuse claims are most commonly filed by one parent (or an allied family member) against another. Here in Southern California they can sometimes be used as a weapon in divorce or Orange County child custody proceedings. A Costa Mesa family law firm with expertise in child custody issues can be an important ally if you find yourself facing unfounded accusations designed to undermine your Orange County custody claims. Consulting with a Los Angeles or Orange County custody and visitation attorney as soon as possible is a key step in protecting your parental rights, as well as your good name.

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: Was Tiger the victim of a false child abuse report?

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