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Young Mother Murdered after daring to Divorce husband

Last November, a young mother was hacked to death (on her husband’s orders) for allegedly daring to divorce him. The trial of the attackers and the husband has finally begun. Apparently, the husband, Harpreet Aulakh, offered £5,000 to other Punjabi men after she had started divorce proceedings.

The young mother, Geeta Aulakh, 28, was attacked outside the Greenford home of the babbysitter of her young children. The killers were lying in wait, knowing exactly where she would be and when to strike her on her way home from working as a receptionist at Sunrise Radio. This is clearly a case of premeditated, first degree murder.

It is unfortunate the people will go to the extremes of murder just because someone files for divorce or contemplates the idea of divorce. There are certainly other options such counseling and therapy if one party does not want the divorce. These options enable the couple to work out their difference and discuss the issues with a third party. Sadly, the people who hurt the most in these situations are those children. With their father in custody and their mother dead, the children will likely be subject to a guardianship proceeding to determine who will care for them without their parents.

An Orange County divorce lawyer can assist in any divorce or guardianship matter. Murder is not a way to resolve things.

Source: Young mother left dying on the street with severed hand on husband’s orders

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